A few years back I was a guest at Dolan's street house. It was built by Elvis as a gift for his father. He remarried to Dee Stanley. The window you see to the right was a part of the house, at what you would call the back or side door. The house was being fixed up after many years of being left to rot. When I was there I saw two of these windows on a garbage pile. I asked where they came from, and if I could have one for my collection. I almost died when they said I could. Then they asked me if I thought they were worth something? I came out with a fast yeah! It was only seconds later that the other window was snatched. I do not remember who it was that took the other window.  The window is a leaded Dutch glass. You can also see the original color of the house. It was a grey. They were in the process of painting it while I was there. It's hard to believe that they removed these beautiful windows .  I kept it a secret for many years that I even had it . But now that the home has been resold. I figured it was time to tell people of my good fortune. What a find!

  The photo to the right is a picture of the front door. It has the same windows as the side or back door did .I am happy to report that the new owners are taking care of this wonderful home. A gift of love from a son to his father.