The following is a short talk with Ed Hill as he describes how the bus was purchased and the bus itself.

Elvis Presleys Tour Bus NOT!

Several months ago Joe Krein was approached to help promote Elvis Presley's tour bus. Actually it was to help in advertising a plea to raise money in order to restore and preserve 'Elvis Presley's TCB Tour Bus'

The owner, Bill Kinard sent a photo, and right away it was clear that this was NOT Elvis Presley's tour bus.

This was the bus for J.D. Sumner and the Stamps. Yes, Elvis purchased paid for the bus, however it was NEVER used by Elvis Presley for his tours. Kinard insisted that it was Elvis' tour bus, used by Elvis and when Elvis heard J.D. needed a tour bus, he gave him his own personal bus.

NO! Elvis never did use this bus as his tour bus!

To our knowledge, Elvis did drive the bus on two occasions. The first time was when he first bought it. Elvis asked J.D. if he could drive it. J.D. got a little nervous and Elvis said; 'If I break it I'll buy you another one'.

After the history of the bus was proved to Mr Kinard he then changed the story.

So imagine our surprise when we awoke yesterday to see news on many Elvis sites with the headlines 'Elvis bus is coming to tupelo'. And what do you know, it's the SAME bus being promoted by the SAME person ...

Not once in the promotion does he mention J.D. Sumner, let alone that it was the Stamps bus and NOT Elvis'.

On Mr. Kinards website he states; 'Legacy Hall of Fame Inc. plans to bring Elvis Presley's TCB Tour Bus and a 1957 Pink Cadillac that Elvis purchased to East, Tupelo, Mississippi, restore it, and put it on display for fans to come and see from around the world. In order to do this we must raise funds to pay for the cost to save the TCB Tour Bus, restore it, and construct a fans museum to protect the bus and display the above. Legacy Hall of Fame Inc. is asking for donations of $5.00, $10.00 and etc., (US Dollars) from individuals, a fan club can donate what ever they like'.

Once again we inform Mr. Kinard that this bus with the TCB logo on the side is NOT Elvis Presley's tour bus! It was NEVER used by Elvis Presley on any of his tours! It was bought for J.D. Sumner and The Stamps Quartet by Elvis who did 'test drive' the bus when it first arrived.

The F.B.E.I spoke with Stamps Quartet singer, Ed Hill (listen), who confirmed that this bus was bought for J.D. Sumner by Elvis and that it was never actually used by Elvis personally.

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