Ed Enoch Interview


Ed Enoch is a legendary singer in the world of Gospel music.  His professional capabilities and dynamic, powerful voice have earned him much respect as a lead singer. 


For the past 30 years - Ed has been the lead singer and manager of the "world-famous" Stamps Quartet.  September 2003 -

Ed Enoch became the official owner and trademarked the historical Stamps Quartet name.  


the following is a phone interview .


Joe Krein : When did you first start in the music industry?

Ed Enoch : I have been singing Gospel music since 1967. I joined the Stamps in 1969 thru Elvis life. We started with him in 1971 to his death in 1977. Then the Stamps disbanded , Mr. Sumner disbanded it at the end of 1980.I came back to the stamps when he started it it again in 1990 thru his death. He passed away November 1998. then i started my own quartet in 1999. so i have been in Gospel all these years sir.

How was it working with J. D. Sumner?

He was a good man. he was a wonderful Bass singer.

He seemed to truly love Elvis.,

Oh he certainly did.

How was it working with Elvis?

Well it was a wonderful opportunity. Everybody new that he was the kingpin of the music industry.  There was nothing like Elvis in the music industry , what ever type of field you went to, Elvis covered it. he was also wonderful to work with because he was so kind and generous.

Was he a good man?

oh yes. i can say nothing bad about him. I would tell you if i did but i don't know nothing bad. and i don't have any reason to say nay or hay. He was just a great individual, a very common man. very down to earth. he had a voice and talent as you know . untouched by anyone today or ever.

 I don't think you will ever see anyone else with that kind of talent.

no you wont.

Was it hard constantly being on the road?

I was very young back then and I was . lets see I was twenty seven or twenty eight maybe? i mean i got tired by was young enough to handle it. You see Elvis was about eleven years older then me. i mean i know it was hard on him. it had to be. it had to take a lot of his energy. a lot of his strength. but he loved it. I never seen anybody love to sing as much as he sung. he adored it. he sad he would rather work and sing and travel  then to do any thing in the world. i have to take him at his word. But he sure did show it when he was up on stage. He showed his love for music. I mean anyone could see it.

How did you find out that Elvis had passed away sir?

On the news. The morning i heard., we were at the National Airport. We were waiting for the plane to come so we could start the next tour. The plane was late, and the plane was never late. It was over an hour late. We got a call at the Airport that the tour was cancelled "due to an act of God". I mean that was the only thing we had heard. So we went home. we were on our way back . i was living in Virginia. When i got home. the young lady that was keeping my son. said. have you heard the news? she had the TV on. and it flashed across the screen again that Elvis Presley had died. that's how I found out. but then after that we had gotten calls about his death. From Graceland and Parkers office.

I just interviewed Sean Neilson and he had said the same thing. why was it broken to you that way? An act of God?

I cant answer that. i don't know why. I am sure Sean couldn't either. I mean Sean was with us at the Airport. I mean that's all I know . I mean that's what we were given. I never did question it. I new that the family was going through so much. Vernon was not healthy. He had a heart condition. No one wanted to put any stress on him and the family. And that's all I new.

Did you go to the funeral Sir?

Yes Sir we sang at the funeral.

that must have been a very hard day on you.

 Yes it was. Kathy Westmoreland was there and so was Gurcio. He directed us just like he had done so many times on stage. Elvis had a lot of his friends there that sang for him that day. One of the greatest things about this whole thing was. he loved Gospel so very much and Gospel sent him off. It was music that his ears was the last thing that they heard. I guess in my mind ,there was something about Elvis that none of us would ever know. There was something inside him. his love for music . His love for Gospel Music on the one side of it. That if you new him . That the many times we sang with him and for him. We sang hours upon hours. I thought how ironic that the last thing to be done was the Gospel songs that he loved so very very much. i mean it was a good thing for him. It was a nice thing for his private side.

There was something about an gospel song being sang by Elvis. H e just lit up. I mean there has been days that i have felt down. i would put on a gospel Elvis lp. and it would lift me. I feel it did the same thing for Elvis. it seemed like in the end he was searching for something.

Well I don't know about that. i mean the searching for something. but i do know that the love of Gospel seemed to be all that he wanted to hear the last three years of his life for sure. I cant tell you how many concerts we did for him. How many hours we sang for him. We averaged 14 days a month touring with him the last three years of his life. I would say after every 14 day tour , there might have been 2 or 3 nights that we didn't sing for him. i mean we sang gospel for him 10 days out of the 14 .we sang to  daylight for him.

Do you thing if he had lived , Elvis would have done a Gospel tour?

yes i think that would have been wonderful. I think it would have packed people in from all over. I think he was actually planning on doing that. It was in the works. He had a plan on doing a 5 day Gospel Tour. I mean i wasn't there at the meetings. But that was something i remember hearing. I mean I know it was discussed. but other then that i would have to leave it right there.

Did you get along with the Colonel Sir?

well i never did have any qualms with him. I wasn't around him much. i was with Elvis all the time. I mean i would see the Colonel passing .

Were you a TCB member Sir?

Oh Yeah!

When did you get your TCB?

February 1971 !

Oh you remember the date?

You would have too , if Elvis had given you one. (laughing)

So what are you doing now Sir?

Well we are doing one night shows around the country. We are also planning on doing some things with Charles Stone, and Kraig Parker.

is it hard to sing along with an Elvis impersonator. I mean after singing with the real deal? i mean he was a friend. It has to be hard.

we don't sing with many. I mean they loved him and want to do him well. we don't hand pick them. but to answer your question. sometimes its a little funny. I mean you wish you were singing with your friend. Sometimes you feel a little strange. But its only because of the memories it brings back.

sir thank you for talking to me today

well sir its an honor to have talked to you sir . i hope i said something that would be alright for you. I always try to tell the truth about my friend to the best of my ability.