Vintage News Clippings

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Screams you heard was his Audience May 11 ,1956

In Movies Now 1956

Man or Superman 1956

Disapointed fans -August 31,1957

Above :1957 news clipping from BillBoard .

Above :1957 news clipping from BillBoard .

Presley to sing at fair

Elvis making film at Napa Valley

Elvis visits ailing mother

Elvis moves mother's body

Elvis is surprised by rumor

The Sarge

Reds blame Elvis

Elvis fan threatens President

Presley buys high powered Auto

Rock n Roller Presley

Who's that Girl?

Tight Squeeze

Elvis sets first New York appearence

Elvis and Priscilla are divorced

Looking for King Elvis

Pneumonia hospitalizes elvis - 10/16/1973

Elvis Presley takes five

Elvis Presley grosses $253,000 for 3 concerts -7/17/1975

He Rocks and Rolls and Puffs , Fans love him tenderly -6/11/1975

Rockin ...Rollin...Splittin -12/31/75

Shrieck its King Elvis ! -5/1/75

Elvis splits pants at show

Elvis latest splurge - 1/19/76

Five Big cars for Elvis -1/19/76

Elvis Presleys Birthday 1/ 1976

Elvis a Quick sellout - 10/6/76

Elvis return triumph -11/29/76

Elvis Still Wows Them

Elvis gives $108,860 5/8/75

Singers Walk Out on Elvis - 6/75

Time for a diet Elvis 12/31/75

A Star Is Born

Elvis sells Jets

Elvis Wears Bullet Proof Vest -3/27/76

Elvis wedding uncertain

Elvis misses his wedding 4/18/76

Elvis wedding a giant hoax

Elvis and bride are no shows

Press victim of Presley marriage hoax

Elvis Spark Gone - Elvis Still Wows Them -4/26/76

Elvis and his fans a parady all the way

Guarding Elvis just like any other job

Story that touched Elvis

Elvis Tickets -7/1/76

Elvis may fire the colonel 8/15/76

Singer nabbed at Elvis home

Warrant issued for singer

On the trail of Elvis

Fatigue cancels Elvis Shows

Elvis Presley concert tickes still available

Elvis fans hot over bad reveiw

Bad tooth big part of Elvis problem

New trip for Elvis

Presleys illness not critical

Pelvis Hits 42 - 1/9/1977

Aging Elvis withering - fans remain loyal -4/77

Elvis and the legendary Pelvis shake into town - 6/16/1977

3 Pals ready to reveil Elvis antics

You Have to Kidding

No Sleek King - Elvis still classey in his caddies

Elvis Staged Amid extra security

Presley Tour

Elvis Fans Snatch up New Single

Vernon Presley Dies 1979

Presley , Father of Rock Star Elvis Buried 1979