Put out by CDC Comics January 1966 and cost a whopping 12 cents.CDC

Comics were well known for there comics for young girls and this issue features Elvis on the front

cover and features a story called "Here Comes Elvis" I Love You comic # 60. The comic has just 18 pages which include some great classic ads like ...

100 Hundred Dolls for a doller , or something for the boys , if they would of read the lovey dove stuff,

X Ray glasses for a dollar , and you could also grow two monsters in your own home.

The comic has great colors and graphics and is a extremly rare Elvis related item.

The value depending on the condition is around $100 dollars.Not to bad for and original investment of 12 cents.

Value $60.00 Dollars


1966 Career Girl comic...Put out by CDC Comics

Elvis Presley, Herman's Hermits and Johnny Rivers all featured in cover art as a secretary,

seated at her typewriter tearfully thinks,

"Elvis! Herman! Johnny Rivers! All solid smash hits...and every one of them already has a girl!" Man, life is HARD! Cover price $0.12.

value $60.00 dollars


Patsy and Hedy's final issue. The "Gals on the Go-Go" have nowhere to go. Al Hartley pencils ?: Frank Giacoia inks, Sam Rosen letters. Patsy and Hedy # 110, Feb 1967

This issue included a change of format, one inspired by the many teen magazines such as 16. The decision was likely made before the title was cancelled. The cover promotes a new column, and features head shots of David McCallum (heart-throb of The Man from Uncle TV show); Mia Farrow (star of Peyton Place, a very popular and well written prime-time drama; Ms. Farrow moved on to a successful screen career); Elvis and Peter and Gordon. The British duo had their biggest hit in 1963,